Don't let the big guys try to sell you something you don't need. Emergent² provides the highest quality cutting-edge lawn care solutions, all with customer service only a local company could provide. Contact us today and get a free consultation.

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What We Provide

Lawn Weed Control and Fertilzation

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Why spend valuable weekend time trying to rid your lawn of unwanted weeds, only to have them return the following week? By utilizing both pre-Emergent and post-Emergent golf course quality herbicides, we are able to achieve optimal results in your lawn. We believe weed control starts with weed prevention!


Lawn and Garden Pest Control

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At Emergent² we utilize cutting-edge, scientific-based applications to rid your lawn of undesired pests. Outdoor pests cannot only be dangerous to pets and humans but can cause significant damage to your property. We provide solutions to ensure your property remains enjoyable year-round.


Treatment of Lawn Diseases

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Turf diseases can be difficult to control and cause significant damage to lawns. At Emergent² we seek out causes of lawn disease and implement the latest integrated pest management strategies to treat the most common diseases affecting your lawn.

Pest Control